27/04/2017 rev.1


PowerMob srl reserves the right to evaluate the acceptance of any order by sending a confirmation of sale. The order is to be considered valid and binding for the client at the time of countersigning for acceptance of the same. Except for different specific indications on the document, the client, by signing the order, fully accepts the present conditions of sale of PowerMob srl.


The prices of the price list are valid until changes, which can take place at any time and without notice; therefore the orders are valid only if accepted by PowerMob srl. All prices are always quoted EXCLUDING VAT.


The material requested by PowerMob srl in the estimate / order phase is to be delivered according to the specifications agreed and on schedule. the eventual non-fulfillment from the commission raises PowerMob srl from the expected delivery.


All the times specified on quotations / orders are to be considered valid starting from the acceptance of the same and are subject to compliance with the delivery of the necessary material by the customer, as per point 3. In case of non-fulfillment the new terms of consignment will be agreed in accordance with the productive commitments of PowerMob srl. The planned realization times are always indicative, never of rigor.


Except for different specifications each estimate / order includes a phase of sharing of the material produced and n.1 set of possible modifications at the request of the customer; PowerMbo srl reserves the right to quantify, at its discretion, any changes requested by the customer that has been commissioned by the materiel previously approved.


With the collection of the material the customer confirms the conclusion of the project and accepts the final result, from that date the days foreseen for possible disputes have been passed to be sent to PowerMob srl in the ways indicated at point 10.


Payments are agreed from time to time and must be expressed in writing and accepted by both parties.


The delivery of physical materials, such as prints, etc., is always to be understood, unless otherwise agreed in writing, F.co PowerMob srl based in via Mantova 48, 26100 Cremona (CR), transport is excluded and to be quantified if required.


The ownership of the contents and of the materials made remains fully in force of PowerMob Srl subject to the successful completion of all payments. PowerMob srl is always authorized to process and disclose contents made unless otherwise agreed between the parties.


Any disputes must be received by written means no later than 10 days from the date of receipt of the materials / contents, at the end of which PowerMob srl is relieved of all responsibility. In the event of a dispute, the one of the Cremona Bar is now accepted as the only competent seat.


In the event that the client or third parties involved do not comply with one or more of the points specified in this document, PowerMob Srl considers itself free from any liability deriving from the existing contract, and the order is considered immediately null.


Software developed and provided can not be considered 'Bug Free'. Any bugs are to be considered in the norm and must be reported by written means. PowerMob srl will provide for the resolution of the same according to their production times. However, these can not in any way justify a non-payment.